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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are your trips?
We like to limit our trips to a minimum of 3 days/2 nights so our clients can enjoy more of a back country experience. The most memorable trips last from 3 to 5 days, allowing plenty of time to explore and relax. We will customize longer trips to suit your wishes.
What type of camp can we expect?
For our shorter trips, those that last one or two nights, we usually set up a base camp. We feel it's more enjoyable if you stay in one place, venture out on day rides, fish, or just lounge around camp. The possibilities for longer trips are limitless. We can stay put or break camp and move on as you desire.
When is the best time to plan a pack trip in the Teton Mountains?
Every year is different from the last. I suggest you plan your trip in the Tetons from mid-July through September. By mid-July, most of the snow has melted in the high country and the wild flowers are at their peak. Often September brings beautiful, warm sunny days and cool nights. We don't usually see much snow -- yet!
When do your trail rides begin and how long are they?
Our shorter trail rides range from 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours and leave from the south side of Teton Valley, Idaho. Ride through beautiful aspen and lodge pole forests; see views of the canyon, the Big Hole Mountain Range, Teton Basin, and picnic among the wildflowers. All levels of experience are welcome. These rides begin Memorial Day weekend and close October 1st. The longer Extended Day rides are offered at many different trail heads throughout the valley and begin the last week of June through October 1st (depending on snow and weather).
Do you have any references?
It is very important to us that all of our guests feel completely confident in choosing Dry Ridge Outfitters as their guides. Please feel free to request our reference list and contact some of our past clients as you make your decision.
What kind of food can we expect?
The camp cook will prepare hearty western meals in dutch ovens over an open fire. You'll never leave the campfire hungry.
What kind of weather can we expect?
Weather in the Tetons is unpredictable. Summer days average in the 70's and 80's with the evening temperature dropping into the 40's and 50's. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence. I always recommend you come prepared for any weather that way you'll stay warm and dry. From my experience, the Tetons are beautiful in all kinds of weather.
What camping gear should I bring?
We provide almost everything. Spacious tents (large 2-man nylon tents), self-inflating sleeping pads, food, tack, etc. We do not provide sleeping bags so you will need to bring a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of 20 degrees or colder. Please make sure it stuffs in a small sack. We do not recommend cotton bags. You also need to bring a duffle bag with your gear. We recommend water proof and limit your personal gear to 20 pounds. This weight does not include your sleeping bag nor rain gear.
Am I required to work?
We want ALL our clients to enjoy their trip so there are absolutely NO requirements that you work. BUT, our trips are progressive meaning that there is no base camp so all our gear is brought in and out with the horses. We often ask our clients to help with their tent setup, getting firewood and water and other miscellaneous chores around camp.
Do I need experience with horses?
Yes, it's always helpful if you've had some riding experience. We would like you to be able to mount and dismount by yourself unassisted. Kevin will do his best to match you with a suitable horse.
Are your guides trained in first aid?
Our guides all hold multi-media first aid cards and are trained in CPR. We supply top quality saddles and tack. And we are in radio contact most of the time. Helmets can be provided.
What type of lodging is available before and after the trip?
There are many choices -- hotels, bed and breakfasts, and high quality guest ranches. We can provide a detailed accommodations list.
What type of transportation is available to and from the airport?
Each circumstance is different. A car rental is easiest but there are shuttle and taxi services available. Please refer to our links page for that information.
Which airport do I fly into?
Jackson Hole Airport, in Jackson, WY is about 1 hour from Driggs. The Idaho Falls Airport, in Idaho Falls, ID is about 1-1/2 hours from Driggs. The local airport, one mile north of Driggs, services small aircraft.
How do I get to your facility?
Once you arrive at the airport, you'll need to find your way to Driggs, Idaho. We are located on the west side of the Teton Range. If you need directions from the airport, please ask and I can furnish that information. 
Do you require advance reservations?
Yes, we recommend that you make advance reservations as our summer riding season is short and our schedule fills up quickly.
What are some of the guidelines I should follow while camping or hiking in the backcountry?
All individuals camping and hiking in the Targhee National Forest, Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks must practice good backcountry etiquette. Please take the time to read and adhere to the Backcountry Wilderness Camp Standards and Leave No Trace Guidelines.
Are there grizzly bears in your operating areas?
Yes, we have both grizzly and black bears in the backcountry of the Tetons and Yellowstone. Click here to read more about how to prevent and handle bear encounters.
What is the average group size on your rides?
5-6 is an average group size. We do not have more than 8 riders on a trail ride or pack trip very often.
Where is Driggs?
Driggs is located in southeastern Idaho on the west side of the Teton Range.
Click here for a map
What type of wildlife can we expect to see on our ride?
We can never guarantee you will see wildlife but if you do, you could expect to see moose, bear (grizzly & black), elk, deer (white tail and mule), cougar, pika, pine martin, wolves, coyote, and more. Click here to see and read more about the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains.
What and where is the Jedediah Smith Wilderness?
The Jedediah Smith Wilderness is located in the state of Wyoming. It was designated a wilderness area in 1984 and is within the Targhee National Forest. It spans the western slopes of the Teton Range and, as a wilderness area, does not allow motorized or mechanized vehicles (not even bicycles). Read more about the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.
Can we canter on the trails?
No, its dangerous! Sorry, but we only offer walking trail rides, which gives us the time to look around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.
When do you open? When do you close for the season?
Our 1, 2 and 3 hour trail rides begin around the first week of June and close just after Labor Day. The extended day trips begin around the 3rd week of June through Labor Day. We do take a few day rides on the weekends during the month of September. Our pack trips begin around the 10th of July and end Labor Day weekend.
Do you have a weight limit?
Yes, 225#'s full dressed. Please be honest!
What is the youngest rider you take?
The youngest rider on a short ride, say 2-hours, must be 6 years of age. The youngest rider on a pack trip is 8-10 years old with some prior riding experience.
Do you allow double riding?
No - sorry we think that is dangerous.
Vertical Media provides additional area information on their Jackson Hole
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