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Wyoming, Idaho and Yellowstone Pack Trips

Backcountry Overnight Horseback Rides
in Wyoming, Idaho and Yellowstone

Cheesecake Pack Trip Dessert

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Come enjoy a guided wilderness vacation -- the best way to visit the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. As their specialty, Kevin and Deb Little are offering two to seven-day pack trips in a variety of areas; you'll be sure to find the perfect trip to show you the gems of Idaho and Wyoming from horseback. These longer trips give us the opportunity to show you some of our favorite places off the beaten path.

Loading our gear onto our string of pack horses, expertly led by Kevin, we'll saddle up and journey to our campsite. After a savory dutch-oven dinner and a relaxing evening by the fire, we'll retire to our cozy tents under the stars; you'll be recharged for another day on horseback. On this middle day, or "off day," we won't break camp, which gives us the opportunity to venture out and explore some of Kevin and Deb's favorite secret spots! On our third day we will load up again and either mosey on to our next campsite or back home, depending on the length of your trip.

Whether your pack trip is in Yellowstone, Wyoming, or Idaho, the views of this Rocky Mountain region will give you memories to last a lifetime! Come join us for a horseback riding adventure you'll never forget!

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CLICK HERE to see the trips we already have scheduled.

Badger Creek

Family on Wyoming Horseback Ride
This Wyoming pack trip traverses some beautiful forested areas of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness. As we travel up Dry Ridge towards the Crow's Nest, the lodge-pole pines and aspen groves open up to spectacular views of the Teton Range. The horses won't have any trouble finding their way down the Bear Walk Trail to our lush camp near the banks of Badger Creek. Try your hand at fishing or brave a swim in this cold but clear stream. Rammell Mountain or Dead Horse Pass are ideas for day rides. Horseback riding doesn't get any better!

Riding experience: All levels of riders welcome

Yellowstone/Bechler Three Rivers Hot Spring

Yellowstone/Bechler Three Rivers 
This Yellowstone pack trip will be a 3-day/2-night progressive camping adventure in the Bechler Region of Yellowstone National Park. Depending on our group, we can day ride to Colonade Falls or venture on to the Three Rivers Hot Pots. The Bechler Canyon is one of the most beautiful areas of Yellowstone, so don't miss this one!
Riding experience: All level of riders welcome

There’s no place like the Yellowstone!


 Yellowstone National Park
Boundary Creek/Dunanda Falls & Bechler Meadows/Three Rivers Hot Spring

Dunanda Falls - YellowstoneThis Yellowstone horseback riding adventure is a 4-night/5-day progressive camping trip. We will wander through the Bechler region of Yellowstone National Park. From our first campsite, located on Boundary Creek, we will day ride to Dunanda Falls and beyond towards Buffalo Lake. If time allows, enjoy a soak in some small hot pools at the base of this waterfall. Our third day will take us on a 4-5 hour ride through one of the most beautiful canyons of the Park, bringing us to our second campsite in the Three Rivers Hot Spring area. From this site we can take a short ride to Three Rivers' Hot Pot ("Mr. Bubbly") and soak or allow Kevin to guide us to the Pitchstone Plateau.

This pack trip is one-of-a-kind and something you should not miss ... so JOIN US!

Granite Basin

Wyoming Mountain View

Saddle up
and take a horseback ride from the North Leigh trailhead along Tin Cup Creek. As we cross the open meadows, we'll enjoy breath-taking views of the Teton mountain range in Wyoming near Jackson Hole. You can stop along the way to take pictures in the wildflower meadows, fish in the high mountain lakes or hike to the top of Little's Peak (10,712 ft. elevation). The riding and hiking takes a little stamina but is well worth the effort - guaranteed!
Riding experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Hidden Corral

Indian Paintbrush in the Pasture Meadow
This Wyoming pack trip leaves from the Coyote Meadows trailhead and travels along the south fork of Bitch Creek. Prepare to ride your horse through a rocky trail alongside the roaring Bitch Creek Narrows. We'll make camp for two days at the edge of a spectacular mountain meadow, known as Hidden Corral. There's plenty of feed and water for the horses, and for the daring, a few cold swimming holes. Try your hand at fishing in streams throughout the meadow. Our day trips include Dead Horse Pass or Camp Lake. Can't make a wrong choice with those options!
Riding experience: All level of riders welcome

Survey Peak

Beautiful Lake in Teton National ParkWe will begin our pack trip at the far north end of the Teton Range, riding along South Boone Creek. The trail climbs high above the canyon looking out as far north as the Bechler Meadows of Yellowstone National Park. We will spend 2 nights in this private little spot below Survey Peak. Enjoy the early spring wildflowers and views of the horses as they graze up on the hills above camp. For our day ride we have the choice of a horseback ride into Teton National Park to Berry Creek or to the saddle below Forellen Peak. The Survey Peak camp is a great place for a mid-July pack trip and the riding is suitable for all abilities.
Riding experience: All level of riders welcome


Badger Canyon & Granite Basin

Enjoying our Horseback RideBadger Canyon and Granite Basin offer some of the most spectacular views of the Tetons anyone could ask for. This pack trip will be a 5-day/4-night progressive camping trip staying two nights in our Badger Canyon campsite and moving on the 3rd day into Granite Basin. While in Badger, we'll take a day to horseback ride to Rammell Mountain and our day trip in Granite Basin will take you to the watershed divide for 360 degree views of the Tetons, Teton Valley, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This horseback ride will take your breath away! Some riding experience is recommended as some of the trails will be steep and/or rocky. This is a beautiful trip!
Riding experience: Intermediate to Advanced

Hidden Corral to Granite Basin

Wyoming Family Horseback RideIf you enjoy lots of horseback riding, camping below the stars, relaxing around a campfire, fishing in mountain streams and lakes, and wandering through mountain wildflower meadows, then this Wyoming pack trip will be an EXCELLENT choice for you. This is a 7-day/6-night progressive pack trip staying two nights in three different campsites: Survey Peak, Hidden Corral & Granite Basin (or Badger). We will be taking day trips on our "off" (or non-move) days to scenic spots such as Berry Creek in Teton National Park, Forellen Peak, Camp Lake and/or the Watershed divide. Be prepared for long days in the saddle, fantastic scenery, and an excellent feel for the entire Teton Range.
Riding time: Our move days could be approx. 6-7 hours.
Riding experience: Intermediate to Advanced

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