Wyoming and Idaho Horseback Riding Adventures

Let Dry Ridge Outfitters be your guide for a scenic Wyoming Horseback Ride. We offer Trail Rides, Pack Trips and Drop Camps,. Enjoy the beauty of a horseback ride in Yellowstone National Park and the inspiring Grand Teton Mountains.

Welcome to our site! Kevin and I have had a fantastic 2020 season. We saw some great views while riding the trails here in the Tetons and Yellowstone. We are truly blessed to have these mountains in our backyard. It won't be long before the Teton Range will be covered in white again and as we make this change in season, we are planning our pack trip calendar for the 2021 season. Stay tuned!

Join us for a horseback ride through some of the most beautiful areas of Wyoming and Idaho. Our sure-footed, mountain-bred horses and experienced guides will take you on a picturesque pack trip or trail ride through this Rocky Mountain region. We’ll journey through fields carpeted with wildflowers and tall grasses, watch the sunlight dance upon the rippling waters of clear alpine lakes, and cast our gaze at the dramatic vistas of the Teton Mountains.

In addition to our Idaho and Wyoming horseback adventures, we offer pack trips in Yellowstone National Park’s Bechler region. The Bechler is in the southwest corner of the Park. Perhaps, the nickname, "the Cascade Corner" offers the best description of this area due to the abundance of waterfalls and river crossings. It truly is a beauty that everyone should experience.

Whether you venture to the Tetons or Yellowstone, you'll be sure to enjoy a leisurely trip. Moose, elk, deer, and sandhill cranes are there for the viewing as we ride through the spectacular natural settings. Pristine lakes and open meadows frame these long-distance views of the famous Grand Teton peaks.