Meet Your Hosts - Kevin & Deb Little


Let us take this opportunity to say hello and tell you a bit about ourselves.

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Kevin is a fifth-generation native of Teton Valley, Idaho with a life-time of experience horse packing in the mountains. His grandparents, Elmer and Lucille Little, homesteaded at Dry Ridge in 1910, and Kevin is still drawn to this part of the valley. He has been a charter member of the Professional Guide Institute, head wrangler and guide for a guest ranch north of Driggs for over 20 years, and of course, owner and operator of Dry Ridge Outfitters since 1997. He brings his native's awareness of the plants, wildlife and the cultural history of the Tetons to your wilderness experience.

Deb moved to Teton Valley in 1990 from the Midwest. After living in various parts of the country, she is grateful to have found her permanent home here in Teton Valley. When she is not guiding with Kevin on pack trips into the mountains during the summer, she enjoys Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. Together, they maintain their ever-growing horse herd and enjoy living in this beautiful Idaho valley.


In 1997, out of their mutual love for the mountains and horses, Kevin and Deb ventured beyond wrangling for the ranch and started their own outfitting business. Their hobbies revolve around horses. Most days you'll find them riding, caring for their Morgan horses, or breaking and training new colts. Kevin spends much of his time training and driving his Morgan cross draft horses. It's easy to see that Kevin and Deb love their work. As winter snows begins to fall and they begin to feed their horses by sleigh, imagine the peacefulness of an early winter morning, Kevin driving the team to the haystack for feed for the herd, only the sound of the sleigh sliding across the snow, sleigh bells, the horses' breathing...

Come and join us in the mountains!