Extended Trail Rides in Wyoming

Enjoy the best places of the Tetons and Yellowstone on horseback.
Saddle up for a day you’ll never forget!

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Dry Ridge Outfitters offers full-day extended trail rides in Wyoming and Idaho. Between the Targhee National Forest and the Jedediah Smith Wilderness there are many spectacular destinations to choose from for your horseback ride. Take a cool mountain ride along Badger Creek through lush wildflower meadows or climb high into the wilderness and discover breathtaking views and alpine lakes.

These trail rides include an experienced guide and the use of our horses and tack. We will find a horse in our string to suit your riding ability. We recommend you have some riding history under your belt. We love children to come along for a ride, but they must be 8 years or older and have some riding experience.

Our Teton/Wyoming extended day horseback rides begin late June and continue through mid-September. Take a ride in June and early July through the spring wildflower meadows in the lower country and enjoy beautiful long-distance views of the Teton Range. By mid-July, the snow in the high country will clear and we can start our extended days and be able to go almost anywhere! Click on one of the descriptions below to read about these trips and see more breathtaking photographs taken along the various trails in Wyoming and Yellowstone. One thing's for sure ... the west side of the Tetons (Teton Valley) has some pretty spectacular scenery and more than its share of awe-inspiring vistas!


This year we are continuing on our new road by offering more availability for the extended day rides versus the camping/pack trips. These full day trips will begin in late June through September offering one, two or more consecutive days of riding. Everyone should have some experience but we do offer these rides for all abilities, keeping mind that the more experienced riders get the more expert terrain. Our clients will be responsible for their accommodations and lunches and we will be responsible for showing you some awesome areas of the Tetons. Ride 1 day, 2 days or more! It's your choice!

We are just beginning our 2024 calendar so let us know your travel dates and we will do our best to get you up in the Tetons on horseback. Right now we have these day rides booking. Ride one day, 3 days or 5, whatever works for your travel dates!!!

July 9-10. 2 available spaces

July 12 & 13. 4 available spaces.

July 23.  7 available spaces

July 26. 6 available spaces

August 12, 14 & 16. 3 available spaces

August 13. 6 available spaces

Rides might include: Tin Cup, Crow's Nest-loop, Green Lake, Decoster Trail, Teton Canyon, Survey Peak, Hidden Lake...

Guaranteed it's ALL beautiful!


Extended Day Rides