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Yellowstone Wilderness on Horseback

Posted on: March 6th, 2015 by DryRidge No Comments

In case you wondered if we over-wintered in the Yellowstone wilderness, we’re toasty at home watching the snow fall, dreaming about the hot pool we found on the 3rd day of the trip.     Seven Days in the Wilderness of Yellowstone Park After navigating lodge pole forests and steep passes, one grizzly bear, wild country, we arrived at Nine Mile […]

Wild West Horseback Adventure

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    After a fun and full season of horseback riding in Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone Park, Kevin and I are off on our own R & R cross country ride all our own, setting out with two saddle horses and two pack horses   into some of the wildest country between our home and the east side of Yellowstone Lake. Today we […]

Top Five Grand Teton Horseback Riding Trails

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#4: Dead Horse Pass It’s been a busy summer of horseback riding in the Grand Tetons, from fabulous sunny days with clear views of crags and peaks, and lush candy-colored wildflower meadows, to three days of thunder showers. You can’t have sunshine every day, but when it rains there is something magical about riding in […]

Captivated By A View From The Crow’s Nest Trail

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Captivated by an abundance of Arrowleaf Balsamroot wildflowers brilliant yellow in sunlight and the happy circumstance of a WesternTanager sighting, we guided a family along the Crow’s Nest trail. The tip of the Grand Teton is peeking out behind the mountains above North Leigh Canyon. The male Western Tanager is one of my favorite birds with its […]

Top 5 Grand Teton Horseback Riding Trails

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# 3-Green Lake Tucked in behind the steep east side of Green Mountain is Green Lake, another of our favorite Grand Teton horseback riding trails. The trail leading to this high mountain lake begins on a densely vegetated slope, where snowberry and serviceberry are just beginning to bloom. Later in summer huckleberries will be ripe for […]

June Showers

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  It’s rare for a summer to go by without at least one dusting of snow on the wildflowers. All across the valley vegetable gardens, carefully planted and attended, some even sang to (it’s true), are covered in sheets and old blankets, waiting for the clouds to lift, and sunshine. It’ll arrive; it always does, […]

Why Girls Love Horses

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and why we love what we do! An enthusiastic smile like this one makes every day in the saddle worthwhile. And a horse knows when it is loved.           “See you on the trail!”  Day Rides at Moose Creek Ranch

Tack’s Clean and Ready for Riding!

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A lot of work goes into getting ready for the summer riding season. One of the most important tasks is to make sure all the tack: saddles, blankets, bridles, breast collars, and saddle bags are clean and ready for riding. Who knows what kind of surprise we’ll find in one of the saddle bags! This […]

Top 5 Grand Teton Horseback Riding Trails

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#2 – Crow’s Nest We all have spring fever here at Dry Ridge Outfitters! Springbeauties are blooming as fast as the snow melts, the horses are fattening on green grass, and Kevin and I are itching to saddle up for a ride into the backcountry. One of our favorite Grand Teton horseback riding trails is the […]

Spring In The Tetons

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Mountain bluebirds, sandhill cranes, and the birth of new foals are sure signs of spring in the Tetons. The brilliant blue mountain bluebirds are flying fencepost to fencepost, and sandhill cranes are walking in the fields around the barn. Click on the link to learn more about these elegant birds and listen to their unique bugling […]