Wild West Horseback Adventure


Deb & Kev Yellowstone 2014-8
One of the best things about living where we do is we can ride cross country from our house to Yellowstone Park.


After a fun and full season of horseback riding in Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone Park, Kevin and I are off on our own R & R cross country ride all our own, setting out with two saddle horses and two pack horses


Deb & Kev Yellowstone 2014-3

into some of the wildest country

between our home and the east side of

Yellowstone Lake.

Today we start out across a neighboring barley field to Swanner Creek, then on to Pole Canyon and the Poacher’s Trail. From there we’ll ride into thick and steep Bear Canyon to the Bitch Creek narrows (some of you who have ridden with us in the past will recognize this country), finally camping for the night below Nord Pass. Rain clouds might catch up with us today but the weather forecast predicts sunshine ahead! Our route will take us into Owl Canyon to Glade Creek and Flagg Ranch. From there we’ll enter Yellowstone Park and have four days of peaceful riding to the east side of Yellowstone Lake.

Keep a look out for tales and photographs of our adventure in about 9 days.

Until then,


Happy Trails!




Deb & Kev Yellowstone 2014-6




Moose Creek Ranch

The main 2014 season of horseback riding in Idaho and Wyoming with Dry Ridge Outfitters is over. We had a great summer traveling throughout the Grand Teton range and in Yellowstone Park with old and new friends. We are still accepting reservations for 1 – 4 hour rides at Moose Creek Ranch through mid to late September. So don’t miss the chance to ride with us during the yellow end of summer, and through red grasses and under the golden umbrellas of  fall aspen trees before winter sets in in all its flurry and fury!


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