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Top Five Grand Teton Horseback Riding Trails

It’s been a busy summer of horseback riding in the Grand Tetons, from fabulous sunny days with clear views of crags and peaks, and lush candy-colored wildflower meadows, to three days of thunder showers. You can’t have sunshine every day, but when it rains there is something magical about riding in the clouds, and above the clouds.

June Showers

It’s rare for a summer to go by without at least one dusting of snow on the wildflowers. All across the valley vegetable gardens, carefully planted and attended, some even sang to (it’s true), are covered in sheets and old blankets, waiting for the clouds to lift, and sunshine.

Spring In The Tetons

Mountain bluebirds, sandhill cranes, and the birth of new foals are sure signs of spring in the Tetons. The brilliant blue mountain bluebirds are flying fencepost to fencepost, and sandhill cranes are walking in the fields around the barn. Click on the link to learn more about these elegant birds and listen to their unique bugling call.