Captivated By A View From The Crow’s Nest Trail

Horseback riding in the Grand Tetons with Dry Ridge Outfitters, Crow's Nest trail
Contemplating the view from the Crow’s Nest trail

Captivated by an abundance of Arrowleaf Balsamroot wildflowers brilliant yellow in sunlight and

the happy circumstance

of a WesternTanager


we guided a family along the Crow’s Nest trail. The tip of the Grand Teton is peeking out behind the mountains above North Leigh Canyon. The male Western Tanager is one of my favorite birds with its bright red head and yellow body. Their song is similar to a Robin song. Have a listen on the National Audubon website.

Arrowleaf Balsamroot on the trail to the Crow's Nest in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness, Grand Teton mountains
A sea of Arrowleaf Balsamroot

I think this may be one of the best photographs I’ve taken of the balsamroot!

Snow is bearing off in the mountains and every day we travel deeper into the backcountry. Can’t wait to see what adventures await us this summer.

Horseback riding in the Grand Tetons, Crow's Nest trail
Along the trail to the Crow’s Nest


Happy Trails!

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