Survey Peak to Firehole Meadows
5-Day Pack Trip



From the barn we’ll drive to South Boone Creek trailhead. The trail gradually climbs along the creek, eventually looking into the head of the canyon. We’ll make camp near Survey Peak. The horses love this private little meadow with its lush grasses.

Riding time: Approx 3 1/2 - 4 hours


Take your pick of day rides. Climb high to the top of Forellen Peak in Teton National Park and look down into Owl Canyon, or ride along Berry Creek to the shores of Jackson Lake if you like. Or for a more mellow day, venture to the top of Survey Peak for enormous mountain views

Riding time: All day



We’ll move to our next campsite in the south bitch creek drainage - Firehole Meadows. While riding the ridge below Survey we’ll look down into the headwaters of South Boone from a cliffy little trail. From there we’ll drop into Grizzly Creek, the north fork of Bitch Creek, Carrot Ridge to the Silver Creek trail leading to camp along the south fork of Bitch Creek. Camp is not far once we reach the bottom of the canyon.

Riding time: Approx 5 hrs


Start off with a leisurely breakfast cooked over the camp fire. We’ll day ride along the south bitch creek trail through the Bitch Creek Narrows into Hidden Corral then climb to Camp Lake. Enjoy fishing, a leisurely picnic or a loop option depending on riding abilities.

Riding time: All day



We'll break camp, ride to the head of Bitch Creek, over Dead Horse Pass into the head of the Badger Canyon drainage. From here we've a couple of campsite choices, one being to a high camp behind the Crow's Nest or another about 3 miles down stream to our Badger site.

Riding time: Approx. 2.5 hours