Horseback Riding in Idaho – Our Favorite Trails



EVERY TIME you saddle up for Horseback Riding in Idaho, you experience the variety that the Grand Tetons offer.

Horseback Riding in Idaho to Green Mountain
A Spectacular view of the Grand Tetons

VARIETY, people say, is the spice of life! I’d like to spend the winter sharing some of my favorite 2013 Horseback riding in Idaho experiences. I hope my readers will agree that Idaho and Wyoming offer some of the most scenic horseback trails in the United States.


My favorite: Green Lake Extended Day Ride

This is a beautiful high mountain lake, deep blue green waters where the fishing is abundant. The prime time to visit these high lakes is mid-to-late July. Riding through the wildflower meadows is something only horseback riding in Idaho can offer. Every time I ride through Green Mountain’s wildflowers I say to myself “it just doesn’t get any better!”. But…..then we wander further gaining elevation for views of the upper lakes. Small waterfalls and meadows fill your camera card FULL!

Wildflowers on the Green Mountain Extended Day Ride

Whether summer or fall an Idaho horseback ride to Green Lake is something you don’t want to miss. This fall we experienced a whole new perspective. Although it was a snowy week for trail riding, especially up in the higher elevations, I think it was one of the prettiest views I’ve ever experienced. Green Lake Basin is located on the western slope of the Tetons in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness/Targhee National Forest. Check out this mirror image!


Upper Green Lake

Perhaps I’ve teased you enough! You will have to come and ride with us.

See you on our next post of Horseback Riding in Idaho-Our Favorite Trails !

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